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EducateMax Comparisons

Student Management
Student Enrollment
Student of the Week
Custom Reporting Limit to 3 reports Unlimited Reports
Staff Management
Staff Enrollment
Assign Teaching Roles
Staff Directory
Custom Reporting Limit to 3 reports Unlimited Reports
Alumni Management
Alumni Directory
Alumni Registration/Collaboration
Post Events/News
Examination Management
Examination Scheduler
Setup Examination Timetable
Examination Results Publisher
SMS Notification(Per Student) Limit to 10/month Unlimited
Custom Reporting Limit to 3 reports Unlimited Reports
Academic Management
Multi Board Affiliations
Class Room Setup
Class Section Setup
Syllabi Setup
Subject Planners
Online Assessment Configurator
SMS Notification Limit to 10/month Unlimited
Admission Enquiry Management
Student Enquiries
New Enrolment Applications
Student Referral  Program
SMS Notification Limit to 50/month Unlimited
Library Management
Setup Libraries
Configuration of Library Assests
Search Catalog
Loaner List
Fines Collections
SMS Notification(Per Student) Limit to 5/month Unlimited
Messaging Management
Compose New Message
Received Messages
Sent Messages
Draft Messages
Noticeboard Management
Post Notices
SMS Notification(per Student) Limit to 10/month Unlimited
Notice Reports
Fee Accounting Notification
Fees Setup
Fee Notification
Fee Receivables
Fee Reporting
SMS Notification(per Student) Limit to 5/month Unlimited
Public Relations Management
Student Pickup Request
Pickup Registry
SMS Notification(per Student) Limit to 3/month Unlimited
User Access Request
Timetable Management
Timetable setup
Real time Reporting in Calendar Format
Cafeteria Management
Setup Cafes
Manage Cafe Offering
Setup Menu Schedules
Search Cafe Menu
Events Management
Setup School Events
Reporting in Calendar/Standard format
SMS Notification(per Student) Limit to 5/month Unlimited
Transport Management
Setup Bus Routes
Setup Pickup Points
Schedule Pickup Times
SMS Notification(per Student) Limit to 5/month Unlimited
School Site Management
Standard Template
Manage School Gallery
Document Management
Define Document Folders
Document Repository
File Manager
Rules Management
School Rules
Setup Rules Categories
Hostel Management
Configure Hostels
Manage Hostel Rooms
Manage Room Assets
Assign/Reserve Rooms
Issue Gate Pass
SMS Notification(per Student) Limit to 5/month Unlimited
"Student of Week" Management
Post News Headlines
Motivation Quotations
Thought of the Day
Teaching Tools Management
Upload Audio/Video Learning session
eBooks Recommendation
Ask the Experts
Student's extra curricular showcase
Share Preparation Techniques
Motivational Quotation from Teachers
Student Forums/Web Blogs
Student /Parents Open Community
Personalize Webpage for Students/Staff
Attendance Management
Approve Student Leave Request
Attendance Tracker
Organizer Management
To-Do List
My Reminders List
Manage Photo Album
My Articles
Share an Idea
Request a feature
My Shared Documents
My Documents 10MB storage limit Unlimited
OK, so we offer a feature-rich product and it's pretty easy to use, but what are you really getting behind the scenes? You can trust our services because we don't even trust them until we've triple-checked them all!
Centralized Secured Hosting Platform
Dedicate IP Address
Daily Data backup
Unlimited Web Space Limits to 1GB
Unlimited Bandwidth
Unlimited Data Transfer
24/7 Network and Service Monitoring 12/5 Limitation 
Our staff would be continously monitoring the service levels to ensure that your service is delivered un interrupted.But there are occassion when some issues might occur beyond the scope of our management.
Cloud Hosting
Free Redundant Network and Routing
ALL New, High Performance Hardware
Our hosting partner continously upgrade their servers with the latest high performance hardware to ensure our services are delivered with highest level of quality.
Free Dasient® Domain Security Scanning 
56% of all malware injections are on your homepage. We provide free index-page scanning of all of your portals sites that detect all current, web-based malware and we even have a dedicated security team that will help you remove those threats, free. This is especially important if you are running a sensitive operation like an your portal!
Our support system is different. We will assign you a personal account manager, modestly called a "Support Hero", to attend to your website. On the off chance that your Hero is sleeping when you need 'em, we've got tons of other ways to get amazing help, 24/7. Free.
Customer Support
24/7 Online Helpdesk Ticket
Extensive Online Self-Help Center
We learn from our clients experience and we take their feedback very seriously. From our end we compile exhausted list of Frequently Asked Questions based on the common questions raised by our clients like you.
Video Tutorials "How to do"
Highly Trained, Tested and Monitored Staff 
Support Hero!! We are doing what it takes to make a difference in every customer; a difference that will truly change the way you work. It is a promise of personal reliability and accountability. Where else can you get a dedicated Support Hero!
Personal, Accountable Support Hero

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